Buss inom Slovenien

Av Emma
18 juli 2012 14:28
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Jag funderar på att åka till Slovenien i sommar. Min tanke är att åka till Bled och stanna några dagar för att sedan åka till Portoroz och bada.

Vad jag förstår går det shuttlebussar från flygplatsen utanför Ljubljana till Bled?

Från Bled skulle jag alltså sedan vilja ta mig till Portoroz? Går det bussar? Hur går de och vad kostar de?

Andra tips är såklart också välkomna.
Av Mr3ller
29 juli 2012 23:01
Hei Emma!

This is "The Official Travel Guide by Slovenian Tourist Board"


For you to travel I would recommend a bus. It's a bit more expensive than train bu it takes you to your desired destination:

link: http://www.ap-ljubljana.si/eng/#

Bled is a great choice! I higly recommend you to aso visit our second high-mountain Lake Bohinj just near by! You can also rent a canoo or kayak an have a memorable trip down the river that exits lake Bled and don't forget to stop by the wonderful river pools to take a swim. On the way to Portorož I would recommend you to stop in small 1000 years old city of Škofja Loka (I come from there) and ask for the best pizza restaurant (Jesharna). It's a one day/am/pm stop but You'll like it! People there are glad to help you. Don't forget to take good trekking shoes with you since the start-up points to go uphill are everywhere.

About the transport I can only say that don't expect Sweden. No Web ticket purchase, sometimes you need to transfer to reach the goal but at least things run on time, usually without delays. Public transfer would be better if everybody in Slovenia wouldn't crave a car when reaching 18.)

But hichiking is a great solution! It is safe and people will stop you! Fast and free - I would chose this option!

And here is the link of Ljubljana Airport: http://www.lju-airport.si/eng/

Here you can find more info on how to come to Bled. The good thing is that the airport is half way from Ljubljana city to Bled.

I hope this helps you. Have a great trip and don't forget to post some photos.


Aleš Triller
Av Emma
31 juli 2012 13:59
Thank you for all the information!