! Warning ! for Travel2be

Av Ceotony
5 aug. 2019 11:56
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Im the CEO for a larger company and have had terrible experiences with this company.
Twice on different occasions they have reserved me on earlier flights same day then I actually did book. Customer service is by their choice letting people wait for 5-6 minutes and then disconnecting the call. Exactly the same MO all three times I called them. Still no reply on e-mail.
Both times money down the toilet. I was unfortunately stupid enough to try the second time, don't do the same misstake.

Travel2be aka runned by thugs
6 aug. 2019 08:52
Hi Av Ceotony, of course we can help you with your booking. Please send us a mail to (Logga in för att se e-postadress) with all your doubts and we will answer you asap. Regards
6 aug. 2019 12:38 (redigerad)
Lite komiskt att två nyregade profiler lyckas hitta hit bara så där och klappa varandra på ryggen. Nu vet jag i alla fall vilken söksajt som jag INTE skall använda.