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Onsdag 10 Januari 2018 - USA

See a hundred alligators for free in the Everglades, Florida

A popular way to see alligators in the Everglades is to take an airboat tour. That´s a great option, but not the only way to get close to the wild animals of the Everglades. We decided to go for a ride in the Everglades with our own car.

Loop Road in Ochopee connects to US 41 that goes straight through south Florida from coast to coast. We entered Loop Road at the east entrance point. As we were driving from Miami to Naples it was a perfect stop on the way. I call it a stop because there is so much to see along the way so you in fact will have to stop the car at more than one occasion. Also the road is very limited. It´s a dirt road, so you shouldn´t go there if you´re in a hurry.

We were very excited when we entered Loop Road from US 41. And the excitement got even higher when we after less than a minute after entering the road spotted our first alligator. It was lying on the grass just next to our car, only a couple of metres away from the car. Obviously but still good to point out, alligators could be dangerous, and you need to be very careful in any encounter.

After driving a couple of more minutes we spotted a road sign saying ”Last Chance Turn Around”. I think that sign pretty much tells the story about the road. It´s not a good road, but it´s very scenic and exciting. As the minutes and miles went on we spotted more and more alligators. We stopped at each alligator and watched it from the car. It felt like the alligators got bigger the further into the stretch we came. The biggest one we spotted appeared to be around 8 feet. That´s pretty big! The smallest we found were some baby alligators that were extremely small. Even smaller than we thought they could be. We also spotted some interesting birds. They seemed to be very careful about their whereabouts. And you have to understand them. One sleepy moment on the ground could be the last.

It took us around two hours to make the whole stretch by car to the west entrance of the Loop Road. We literally spotted more than one hundred alligators during the trip that takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on how carefully you drive. For us, the trip showed us more alligators than any airboat tour that we previously have taken. I want to point out though that the weather conditions were excellent for us. If the weather is bad the alligators will prefer to stay in the water, and thus you won´t see many.
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