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Måndag 10 Februari 2020 - Norge

Around the world


LOCATION | Oslo, Norway


Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, rafting in Vic Falls, climb the mayan ruins in Guatemala, walk with lions in Zimbabwe, watch the sun rises over Angkor Wat, attend the funeral ceremony in Varanasi, explore the four seasons in Morocco, got visited by a sea turtle at Bali, take a hike among the monasteries in Meteora, explore Sahara by camel, walk barefoot at Caye Caulker, take a swim in the turqouise water of Zanzibar, admire Guernica in Madrid (Picasso), the last supper in Milan and Mona Lisa in Paris (Leonardo da Vinci), visit the world famous art biennal in Venice, “mooning” on Empire State Building, fly a hot air balloon over Masai Mara national park in Kenya, discover the five star ghost hotel at Sao Miquel, Azores, join the cherry blossom festival in Tokyo, go roadtripping 13000 kilometres through Europe, went looking for Count Dracula in Transylvania , explore the lost city of Petra, a walk in the footsteps of Jesus along Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, gone fishing at Lofoten, being a traintrotter in northern Italy and enjoyed the perfect honeymoon in Malta.

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