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Lördag 2 Augusti 2014 - Casablanca

a trip to Agadir, beaches, sun, surf, relaxation 10.8.2014//// 31.8.2014

23 years young, I look for the company to do a 20 day trip to 10.8.2014//// 31.8.2014 rather a young woman of 20 years to 25 years beautiful :) who loves sunbathing, there is around agadir more than 10 beaches, each different from the other, we take surfing lessons, and we will do the connaissane with the Berber autocthone inhabitants, there will 3 guys so if you who want to join us, you acueillera with conviviality and we will have an unforgettable trip with lots of party and unforgettable landscapes and know the area well
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