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Måndag 25 November 2019 - Indien

What All it Takes to Deliver Delicious Food Ordered Online in Trains

From a click on your smartphone to the point of delivery on your berth, online food ordering in trains traverses through a lot of tech and non-tech based pathways. We completely understand the hunger every train traveler feels and we thank for the healthy choices that you opted to order food online during train journey in places of buying it from stray shops and other un-authorised sellers. After all, choices is where the journey to healthy food begins. Hunger pangs are no doubt un-controllable and Railrecipe is here to make a difference to the way you have been eating during train journey.

From Your Choices to Our process: https://railrecipe.com/blog/what-all-it-takes-to-deliver-delicious-food-ordered-...
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