Diskussioner: Tips & råd om Škofja Loka

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Buss inom Slovenien
Slovenien Emma, 18 juli 2012
Senaste svar av Emma för 8 år sedan
... you to stop in small 1000 years old city of Škofja Loka (I come from there) and ask for the best pizza restaurant (Jesharna). It's a one day/am/pm stop but You'll like it! People there are glad to help you. Don't forget to take good trekking shoes with you since the start-up points to go ...
Vägtull i Slovenien?
Slovenien Vidakatten, 25 apr. 2012
Senaste svar av Mr3ller för 8 år sedan
... least stop in the idyllic 1000y old city called Škofja Loka that lies 20 min before Ljubljana (if you're coming from the north side). There is a place called "Pizzeria Jesharna" just across the bridge on the central busstation. You won't regret it : ) I hope I'm not too late, I've heard ...