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Sedona "The House"

From "Sedona Blog"
Sedona's HUGE House By The Chapel~Who really owns it?

I've posted information about this before but I recently found more pictures of the house as it was being built so I thought I would post them.

Anyone who has gone to Sedona, Chapel of the Holy Cross has seen "the house". You can't take a picture of the view at the chapel without seeing "the house" in the way of the view.

The house is located at 503 Chapel Dr. and is a whopping 8,148 square feet. It also appears the land was first sold on 3/23/2001 for $286,000. I tried to get additional information by calling the City of Sedona Community Development Department and left a message that I was trying to locate the public records for that house and no one returned my call. If you want to try, call them at 928.282.1154 and ask for planning and zoning and permits. Let me know if you find out anything!

The first time we went to Sedona was Dec. 2003 and the house was already being built. I have no idea when they actually started to build it but they were putting the shell up when we were first there. With as slow as they are moving, they probably started when the land sale closed in 3/01. I am sure not only were the neighbors crying but probably so was the earth.

We asked many people who owned the home and at first we were told it was Johnny Depp. That I thought was odd since he is really the reclusive type. Why would he pick a spot right in front of a Chapel that millions visit each year. It's not exactly a good spot for privacy, you know?

Next we were told that it was Nick Cage. One lady at Robert Shields Studio (since has close up) said that he was in there picking out things to be delivered and insisted it was his home. He too is reclusive so it also didn' t make sense.

We later found out that he actually does love Sedona and often came to Sedona to vacation when he was married to Lisa Marie Presley. He wanted to have a home in Sedona and was even in escrow for a home in an exclusive area near the airport but we were told that at the last minute he dropped out of escrow. He wanted to own the airspace above his home and that can't be sold. But it was not this home.

Finally we were at an art gallery and spoke to an older gentleman for quite some time. He told us that the other stories were all fabricated and it was actually being built by the Dr. who invented the laser for Lasik eye surgery and he is from Romania.

Now as of just a few months ago, it was still being built (4 yrs later) but it has been for sale for over a year. Evidently he isn't even going to move in. He has it listed for a cool 29 million in case you are interested in having millions of visitors stare at your home all day.

Also it was reported that since they built " the house", the houses below it are now having water problems.So not only did he destroy a mesa, ruined the view from the chapel, and leaves this eye sore breathing down the necks of his neighbors, but he also is causing flooding problems.

This house proves that money talks. Why else would the city have approved this eye sore to be built? I'm not saying it isn't a beautiful house. I am saying it is not in a appropriate location.
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