About is an unbiased travel search engine and community. We don't sell any travel services ourselves, we leave that to the experts, i.e. the travel companies themselves. Our job is to make it easier for you to find the right flight, holiday and accommodation at the right price. Your bookings and payments are handled directly with the travel company. is owned and run by private individuals who work in the company.

What we do
The Internet is an excellent resource but sometimes the sheer volume of information makes it harder to get a grip of the result and make well-founded choices. That's where would like to help you. It's no longer necessary to visit ten different websites, run ten different searches and to look at ten different results. We offer you everything at once! We can present availability and prices in real time from several different travel companies in a single search. It's easy and it doesn’t cost you a penny!
Our search engine scans the Internet and accesses travel services and prices in real time, while you wait. We are unbiased and want to do everything we can to maintain our credibility. Therefore companies can't pay to get a higher ranking in our search results. The results are always presented in price order, but you can of course sort the results differently if you wish.

What we don’t do
We are not a travel agent. We do not sell any travel tickets, accommodation or tickets to events. We simply provide the information, for free, through our search engine. So how do we make our money? Well, every time you click on a travel company’s link to book a trip, the travel company pays us a small fee.
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The Reseguiden History

Reseguiden Interactive AB has been the market-leading site in Sweden since the beginning of 1998 and today we run the travel search engine and community and the Norwegian equivalent The majority of shares in the company are owned by private individuals in the operation. Currently we have just over 600 connected travel companies and over 1 000,000 unique visitors a month on the Scandinavian market. We are at the moment 28 employees.

The whole Reseguiden organization is managed from the Swedish head office in Gothenburg. Our goal is to establish local organizations on several new markets. The aim is to meet the wishes and requirements of visitors and travel companies. (The way we see it, this is the only way to run a professional, long-term operation.)

We are currently co-operating with over 70 of Scandinavia's largest daily newspapers and media websites. They use our service to give their visitors neutral and up-to-date travel information as a complement to the editorial material. This information is useful for travel companies and travellers alike. We are working hard to establish a similar network on the international market.

Technology uses geographical data from GeoNames .